Compressed Wood Pallet Machine 201

Compressed Wood Pallet Machine

  • Pressure : 800T or customized
  • Main cylinder : Φ320,4 sets
  • Pilot oil cylinder : Φ100,1 set
  • Lift cylinder : Φ100,2 sets
  • Capacity: 130-160Pcs/24h
  • Press stroke : 550mm
  • Mold type : less than 1300*1250mm or customized
  • Application : The compressed wood pallet machine mainly uses waste wood, sawdust, shavings and straw as raw materials to produce molded pallets.
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Product Description

The compressed wood pallet machine mainly uses waste wood, sawdust, shavings and straw as raw materials to produce molded pallets. These raw materials are very common in life and easy to get. The compressed wood pallet machine is very simple in structure and easy to operate, and can produce various types of wood chips molded pallets.

The mold is the core part of the machine. By customizing different molds, hydraulic pallet machine can produce molded pallets of various specifications. Customers can choose suitable molded wood pallet machine according to their needs.

The pallet press machine is very convenient for installation and do not need basic positioning. You can produce different wood pallet size and pallet design by changing the mold.

Compressed Wood Pallet Machine 301
molded wood pallets

The molded wood pallet machine has been verified by our factory for many years, with good stability, high production efficiency, low energy consumption, easy installation and safe operation. The mold is heated with heat transfer oil as the heat source. The presswood pallet machine is energy-saving, stable, easy to operate, occupies a small area, has no special requirements for the workshop, and can produce compressed pallets of various specifications.

End Products of Compressed Wood Pallet Machine :

wood pallet

The Raw Materials

The raw materials for moulded pallets can be waste wood, sawdust, sawdust, shavings, logs, burnt forest, planks, branches, wood chips, waste pallets, etc. and wood processing residues (slabs, slats, garden wood core, waste veneer, etc.). It can also be used for non-wood materials (such as hemp stalk, cotton stalk, reed, bamboo, etc.). Any raw material rich in fiber can be used to produce pallets, such as straw, waste paper, bamboo, palm tree, coconut, cork, wheat straw, bagasse, miscanthus, etc. Before molding the raw materials, it needs to be crushed to the size required for production, so that the fibers of the raw materials are neat and consistent, and the products are more beautiful.

presswood raw materials 201

Mould of Wood Pallet Making Machine :

  • The mould is engraved by a whole high strength thick steel plate with strong resistance to high temperature and high pressure. So it has higher strength.
  • Drilled inside the steel plate, the heat conduction oil way is well-distributed conduction performance, which completely solved the problem of welded oil circuit spilling.
  • All oil circuits are sealed by removable plugs, and are easy to maintain and dredge, which will longer the service life of the mould.
  • Perfect stiffener ribs design makes final pallets with light weight and high strength.
compressed pallet 201

Product Parameters

800T or customized
Main cylinder
Φ320,4 sets
Pilot oil cylinder
Φ100,1 set
Lift cylinder
Φ100,2 sets
Main motor power
Press stroke
Mold type
less than 1300*1250mm or customized
Heating type and capacity
Steam or thermal oil,0.15 Cubic metre
Machine size
Machine weight

Features of Compressed Wood Pallet Machine

  • Our wood pallet machine has a good structure ,it use the three-way synchronous positioning,precision and balance,the pressurize will be soon when filling ,the pressurize will be fine within 35 seconds.
  • It is easy to operate ,just press the work button,then the machines will complete the whole process automatically.
  • It needs about 450 seconds to molding a tray .
  • The machine can produce about 130-160 PCS pallet per day .
  • The density of the pallet is about 900kg per cubic meter.
  • The machine can be customized

How does the hydraulic pallets press machine work?

Before compressing the sawdust, we usually preheat the wood pallet machine. We can use the steam generated by the boiler as the heat source of the wooden pallet machine or use the heat-conducting oil furnace to conduct heat conduction heating into the mold of the pallet machine.

Then, we evenly pour the sawdust into the mold of the machine and flatten it. After pressing the down switch, the upper mold of the machine will be pressed down, and after about 7 minutes, a wooden pallet will be made.

After the wooden pallet is made, we need to manually remove it from the mold, or set up an automatic discharge device near the discharge port of the machine.

compressed pallet line 01
pressed wood pallet line 002

The whole compressed wood pallet production line :

Providing electric thermal boiler machine for whole automatic production line:
Step 1: crushing the materials into 5mm.
Step 2: If raw materials with high moisture, dry them to about12% moisture content.
Step 3: Mix the dried materials with glue according to a certain proportion.(Metering electric glue mixer machine for mixing the sawdust and glue)

Step 4: Fill the mixed materials into the mould and press.
Step 5: Keep pressing for 7-10 minutes, then the finished pallet can be gotten.
Auto feeding and discharging conveyor for pallet press machine.

Advantages of Compressed Wood Pallets

  • Low moisture content: Compressed wood pallets typically have a low moisture content, usually between 6% and 8%. This means they do not absorb moisture or deform during use, unlike solid wood pallets .
  • Dimensional stability: Compressed wood pallets are lightweight and have high dimensional stability. They do not warp or distort, ensuring that the pallets remain in good condition over time .
  • High strength and rigidity: The molding process used to create compressed wood pallets eliminates natural defects in the wood, resulting in a product with higher strength and rigidity compared to traditional wood-assembled pallets .
  • Lightweight: Compressed wood pallets are approximately 50% lighter than pallets made of hard hardwood or solid wood. This lighter weight makes them easier to handle and transport .
  • Rounded corner design: The rounded corner design of compressed wood pallets helps prevent product damage during packaging and transportation. It also allows for automatic bundling operations, saving time and effort .
  • Stackability: Multiple compressed wood pallets can be stacked together, with the height of 50 pallets being approximately 7 feet. They can be easily shoveled from four sides using a forklift .
  • Environmentally friendly: Compressed wood pallets are made from wood processing residues, waste materials, and low-grade wood. They are a resource-friendly, wood-based recycling product, making them environmentally friendly and sustainable .
  • Export-friendly: Compressed wood pallets are suitable for export without the need for fumigation treatment. The high temperature and pressure manufacturing process eliminates the need for additional treatments and ensures compliance with international shipping regulations .
  • Recyclable: Compressed wood pallets can be recycled, reused, and repurposed. They can be shredded and re-glued to make new pallets, reducing waste and promoting sustainability .

Advantages of Compressed Wood Pallet Machine

High precision
The compressed wood pallet machine is a vertical structure of a four-column hydraulic press. The frame adopts a three-beam four-column structure, which has good strength, rigidity and precision retention.

high degree of automation
The hot press machine for pallet adopts the integration of machine, electricity and liquid, and the operation of each part is controlled by the PLC system. The automatic hydraulic pallet machine can be operated by setting parameters through the touch screen.

low cost
The raw materials of the molded wooden pallets are readily available and the production cost is low. Many raw materials can be produced into molded pallets, such as sawdust, logs, lumber, wood shavings, waste wood, waste pallets, straw, etc.

Energy saving and environmental protection
Various waste woods are mainly used in the production of pallets, which increases the utilization rate of renewable resources and is more environmentally friendly. In the production process, no waste water and waste will be produced, which effectively reduces environmental pollution.

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