Raw materials of hydraulic pallet press machine

Most of the raw materials utilized in the wood pallet press machine are wood waste products such sawdust, shavings, and chips. These materials are compressed and molded under high pressure and temperature to produce a robust pallet. A wood pallet press machine may also employ other biomass resources as input materials, such as palm fiber, straw, or bamboo. If you are unsure if the raw materials you have are suitable for building pallets, feel free to contact us and submit your request using the form on our website; our expert manager will be pleased to offer you advise.

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Advantages of the final compressed sawdust pallets

  • Lightweight: Compressed sawdust pallets are much lighter than traditional wooden pallets, which makes them easier to handle and transport. This can also help to reduce shipping costs.
  • Consistent size and weight: The hydraulic press used to create compressed sawdust pallets makes sure that each pallet is the same size and weight. They can be conveniently stacked and transported, which makes them perfect for use in automated systems.
  • High strength and durability: Compressed sawdust pallets are incredibly sturdy and long-lasting since they are made of firmly compressed sawdust and various types of wood. They can support large weights and are less likely to splinter or shatter.
  • Cheaper cost: They are made from waste sawdust and shavings from sawmills and woodworking factories, which are low-cost or even free raw materials. This reduces the overall cost of production.

Working principle of wood pallet press machine

The structure design of the sawdust pallet press machine is reasonable, and it adopts three-way synchronous positioning. During processing, the upper and lower molds are accurately closed, the hydraulic system is filled with liquid quickly and provides strong pressure, which can be fully pressurized in 35 seconds. The machine is easy and simple to operate. Just spread the sawdust in the mold and press the work button, and the machine can automatically complete the whole process of pressing, holding, timing, unloading, demolding, and rising.

Compressed sawdust pallet production line

The main machines of a wood pallet production line typically include a wood crusher machine, a sawdust dryer machine, a glue mixer, and a sawdust pallet press machine. These machines work together to process the raw materials into compressed sawdust pallets. The wood crusher is used to crush the raw materials into small pieces, the dryer is used to dry the sawdust to a suitable moisture content, the glue mixer is used to mix the adhesive with the sawdust, the pallet press machine is used to compress the sawdust into the desired pallet shape.

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